Congratulations to Our Winners: Studio 29

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to our finalists.

Congratulations to Our 6 Finalists: Let’s Get to Know Them

Congratulations to our six finalists for their truly creative entries. We invite you to learn a little more about them and stay tuned as we will announce the winner a little later tonight. Each individual from the winning entry will take home a JBL Lifestyle kit worth RRP: £ 549.96.

Team Name: Z

GOBO Name: Stained Glass

Artwork Description:
Every piece of art has a soul. The soul of the National theatre is the combination of the incredible plays that have been staged here. The memory of these plays isn’t apparent from outside, the memory of past performances has the qualities of stained glass windows, traditionally seen in churches, they tell stories and give the church a soul.

Our design seeks to create the unlikely connection between the concrete physical quality of the façade and the rich history it conceals, while also revealing the relationship between the main stage and back stage.

We propose to select recognisable graphics and symbols from some of the National Theatre’s famous plays; such as His Dark Materials, War Horse, The Elephantom, etc., to create a narrative on the stained-glass gobo. Just like in the stained glass windows in classical churches, through the present of light will bring the stories alive on the concrete façade.

As visitors will approach the Theatre from different directions, we will create a view where the backstage activities are revealed, normally hidden from the view of most audiences’ experience there story will also be told on the façade.

We imagine a sequence, where the artwork is revealed gradually, utilising subtractive colour mixing, the graphic will be partially hidden. Then the remaining parts of the projection will be revealed as if the sun is rising and setting at the end of the day. The sequence will also take a moment to zoom in creating focus on particular facets of the stained glass revealing each of the stories, front of house and backstage. Finally, the facets will come together bringing the whole images into sharp focus, before fading to black as the curtain falls at the end of the stage.

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Team Name: Hoare Lea

GOBO Name: See the Beat

Artwork Description:
Switch on, tune in and drop out, whilst ‘Seeing the Beat’; we’ve taken the National Theatre and turned it into a canvas where sound becomes light! A wall of sound expressed through light; an array of vibrating subwoofers adorn this magnificent Brutalist façade, confusing your senses and firing your imagination!

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Team Name: LAPD Spaces

GOBO Name: Interconnected Spaces

Artwork Description:
The illusion of space,
Our brain’s interpretation of vision.
Our minds’ manipulations,
Form unlikely connections.

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Team Name: LAPD Stars

GOBO Name: We Are All Made of Stars

Artwork Description:
You and I... were all born out of the death of a star... A star that lived long and then, before its death, burned at its brightest, its fiercest - an enflaming supernova. But when it died, it did not cease to exist; instead everything it was made of became part of the universe” and “the universe will once more become part of us.”
We are all made of stars. R. Coleman

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Team Name: Red Green Go

GOBO Name: Bytes of Apple

Artwork Description:
Bytes of Apple explores the unusual connection through science that has led from Newton seeing an apple fall from a tree through the development of electronics through to the digital communications used to power the modern age. I use the colour mixing of the EP1000 to separate the layers from my design.

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Team Name: Studio 29

GOBO Name: The Starry Night

Artwork Description:
“Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all.”–Vincent Van Gogh. Imagine if light pollution ceased to exist, we would see the splendour of a starry night soaring above the London skyline. This unlikely connection would be a delight for all.

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